Expertly made realistic and unique 3D weapons for XRP fans


Expertly made realistic and unique 3D weapons for XRP fans

About collection

A collection of 8K Game Ready 3D Glock 17 Gen4 pistols made specifically for XRP fans and ready to be imported into a computer game or metaverse.
Developed by leading gaming industry experts.

Each gun is unique, has its own serial number and inscriptions.
In total, no more than 100 pieces will be released.

After the purchase, you have the right to join our private club and get 3D model files.

Features of the game
Multiple modes
There will be several modes in our game: team play, shooting range, deathmatch, zombie mode. There will be others.
Earning opportunity
You will be able to earn money by destroying enemies. If you use our proprietary NFT weapons, you will earn even more.
You will also be able to earn by setting records and getting the most exclusive NFT at the same time.
PC, Mobile, Browser, VR.
We believe that it is a cross-platform solution that will help to spread the game as much as possible.

Army of players
Our game is available to absolutely everyone and will be cross-platform, which will allow you to play it anywhere and anytime.
Real environment
No fictional weapons, starships, knights and aliens. We only support things that are related to real things.
Graphics quality 
We intend to create a modern game that everyone enjoys playing. No pixels and mediocre textures, only good quality.

Our NFTs
Our NFTs are directly related to the game. This makes them useful and gives you a lot of advantages over other players, you can read about it below
Each weapon model is unique and has an individual identification number
True professionals work in our team. Each step is monitored and thoroughly controlled, so the weapon looks realistic and can be easily confused with the real one.
Our weapon isn't just beautiful but applicable as well. It can be used in computer games, and in the future, you can import it into your metaverse.

You are a part of history!
We are the very first store selling metaverse weapons for NFT space. We won't be surprised if our developments will become as valuable as Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings in the future.
Modification Ability
You can easily modify and improve your weapon depending on your needs.
Earning opportunity
You will be able to use weapons in our game and make good money on it. It is also possible to rent it out for a percentage
NFT owners will be members of the DAO

Our Company Advantages
Our team has disclosed the documents to the XUMM and held a video meeting onXRP team. We doxxed, which means that we have been verified.
We accent on quality, not quantity
Hand-made creations are more valuable than machine-made.
It's better to have a shortage of products than excess.
Compare Lambo and Ford.
Low product cost at the start of the company
You have a significant advantage in buying a product at a low cost during company development.
Technical Support
Any customers may consult regarding obtained NFT products.
Double Investment
95% of the first sales’ proceeds will go to the project development.
Strong Surrounding
It's hard to underestimate connections in the 21st century. You will become a part of our closed community.
Only professionals
Only professionals with extensive work experience work in our company
We are ardent fans of XRP!

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